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Web Resources

Guides to help you make the most of the internet

You will find here a variety of websites and articles from other blogs, that you should find helpful as a business owner in your day-to-day activities.

Very handy PDF guide for small businesses on how to use the internet safely. Written by one of the UK government bodies to increase cyber security awareness but the general pronciples are applicable anywhere in the world really.

Advanced search tips for Google search engine. This will really make your life easier.

LinkedIn offers their courses on remote working for free, to help prepare during COVID-19 outbreak:

Free education provided by some of the best universities in the world (MIT, Harvard, etc.)

Some more world-leading academic institutions providing a wealth of knowledge for free.

Staying true to their mission – Provide free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere.

Free training materials for 3 different CompTIA certifications (A+, Network+ and Security+).

Educational Resources

These resources will help you learn new skills

You will find here few great online education platforms, that will allow you to upskill either for free or for a low price. Some of the best universities in the world decided to participate in the distribution of generic and specialist knowledge on those platforms!

Business Resources

Books, websites and tools saving time and money

You will find here a variety of articles and tools, that will make your business more efficient and heading to the right direction.

Absolute masterpiece for anyone, who needs a big push to start their own business OR need a reminder why they’re doing it.

The name explains it all… Amazing resource from Pat Flynn for those interested in making money online – the smart way!

A must-listen podcast for people in leadership position. Content backed by science.

If you’re a startup or want to grow your small business, you’ll appreciate the information on this website, like short courses, blog articles and financial tips & tools:

To truly understand who your websites’ visitors are and what content they like most, you need to create Google Analytics account and install it on your website.

Google Analytics

An excellent CRM system, that has free tier and paid plans if you need more advanced features.

Great email provider, that also happens to be free! Allows to create email lists, automated campaigns and even landing pages to engage your visitors and increase sales.

With Zapier you can interconnect various online software tools to create powerful automations, like creating new entry in relevant Google Sheet when someone makes a purchase on your ecommerce store, then add them as a new email list signup and create a contact in your CRM. A real time-saver!

A whole suite of user-friendly office software, to write letters, create spreadsheets, presentations and other documents – all for free:

software Resources

Invaluable software, that every business should use

You will find here some of the most important software tools, that will help you run your business both easier and cheaper. Most of them have free tiers or at least free trial so you can try before you buy.

Hardware Resources

Tools and gadgets to increase productivity

You will find here some great tools and gadgets, that will save your business time and money if used correctly.

This small virtual personal assistant has been one of the first on the scene, so in many ways it’s features are ahead of the competition.

“Alexa, what’s in the news?”

Amazon Echo Dot

A virtual personal assistant enclosed in a small bluetooth speaker-sized shell. Made by Google, so it knows a lot of things about a lot of things.

Google Home Mini

Zorin is an operating system, very similar to Windows, but it’s free (as in freedom, but also at no cost) and perfect for beginners. It will let you revive that old PC or laptop, that you thought is too slow to work on. Easy to install and familiar to use. Plus, you can’t go wrong with free!

Busy Things website is a collection of interactive apps and games. Free for the first 7 days:

Staying true to their mission – Provide free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere – this app is for 2-7 year olds.

If you’ve ever considered homeschooling for your child, maybe because you’re travelling a lot, or just want to educate them yourself, this is the kind of school, that will provide a great framework, materials and support. There are classes for Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form aged children.

Resources for children

Fun educational resources for young ones

Sometimes you need to keep the kids occupied, while catching up with some work at home. These resources offer fun and creative ways to keep them engaged, while also learning useful skills.

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