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Karol Tesch
Founder - Totemic IT
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Making the right choices

First of all we'll pick the right tools for the job. Do you need a full blown online shop or just a one-page website with your info and contact details?

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Analyze and learn

How can you know if that big purple button with yellow writing in italics is going to make people click it? Split testing and analytics will help get you the results you want!

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User interaction matters

People love intuitive websites. Make finding information obvious for visitors and they'll keep coming back for more.

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Amazingly responsive

Most of us use a combination of traditional computer, tablet and smartphone to access internet every day. That's why it's very important to have a responsive design, that will look great on all of those devices.

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Marketing strategy

Which social networks should you use to market your products or services? It depends but one thing is certain - you need to build an email list anyway, that's for sure!

Multilingual & translatable

You can have the whole website translated to different languages, so that people in other countries will find your small business too!

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