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Here are some websites we've created recently.
Feel free to click on the images and read more about each project.

Secret Beauty

Secret Beauty is a small business from Ghent, Belgium. They offer beauty treatments and specialize in eyelash extensions and hybrid nails.
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Future LED Design UK

Future LED Design UK is an international company selling decorative LED lighting for domestic and commercial clients.

Casualties Volleyball Club

Casualties Volleyball Club is a not-for-profit sports club based in Nottingham, UK. They participate in regional league and national tournaments.
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We Are Diferent

We Are Diferent is a creative agency based in Ghent, Belgium. They're coming up with many ideas, some of which catch on like fire!

LED Decoration Systems

LED Decoration Systems is a website for LED lighting enthusiasts with DIY inclination.
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Hirundo is an ecommerce store specializing in skydiving clothing and accesories. Some say they fly low before rain.

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